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Ragdoll by Shahal-Devil Ragdoll :iconshahal-devil:Shahal-Devil 0 2 Master of Fright by Shahal-Devil Master of Fright :iconshahal-devil:Shahal-Devil 9 10
Graveland :: The Battle-Part 2
Vergil moved away from the kick, those boots looked like they would probably hurt a bit if they managed to make contact with any one of his ribs. She didn't seem too pleased by the revelation of the blade and he stood for a moment watching her as she looked down at the work had done on her, "It was blessed by seven priests right before I cut their heads off with my other blade," He said with a creepy sort of smirk on his face.
Stepping away from her slash was his mistake, she was moving faster then before it seemed, or perhaps he had moved a moment too slow. As soon as Vergil turned to face her, he was met by the feeling of cold steel biting into his arms and snarled as he parred the rest of the rest of the blows away.
The last of the blows he parred back with enough strength to knock himself away a moment and as soon as he recovered Vergil was on her again, slashing fast and jumping around her. She seemed to favor fast movements and so did he, now it was just a matter of seeing who wa
:iconshahal-devil:Shahal-Devil 0 0
Graveland :: The Battle-Part 1
The cemetery was dark, misty and plagued with the spirits the of restless damned. Vergil walked along the slightly muddy terrain weaving between tombstones and in and out of shadows, watching as a few little white orbs floated along the air past him and he stopped his search to watch in a sort of macabre fascination as they danced along before disappearing into the mist.
Last time Vergil had wandered through the cemetery he had found himself facing off with a nun and because of that, his search for the seal that was supposedly somewhere on this land had been halted and abandoned for another time. So here he was again, walking as if he were a ghost as well in this dreary graveyard, the place just seemed to meant as the setting for a poem by the late Edgar Allen Poe, or perhaps a Vincent Price movie.
Even so the man didn't find the place as bad as most probably would, even as another few orbs appeared by him, floating along the mist and the light of the night's moon. His attention turned
:iconshahal-devil:Shahal-Devil 0 0
That Fateful Night
With a sigh Sirius sat back on his hunches, looking out of the tiny window in the dirty musty cell and watched the sun as it set. There was once a time were the sight would have caused a slight smile to tilt his lip but now they just seemed to be locked in a permanent scowl, even as he watched the colors thread through the sky his lips wouldn’t even twitch now, it just seemed like a mockery to him.
A mockery, a lasting testament to the freedom he once had, the freedom he loved so much that was taken from him, snatched so evilly by a man he had thought was his friend. Sirius growled from somewhere in the back of his throat at the idea, a righteous anger rising within him and his fists clenched together, the nails that had grown longer during his imprisonment digging into the soft flesh of his palms almost enough to draw blood, but Sirius paid it no mind the pain was just a way of letting himself know he was still alive, still sane.
Teeth gritted he thought back to that night, it wo
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Welcome Home
You could've been all I wanted
But you weren't honest
Now get in the ground
You choked off the surest of favors
But if you really loved me
You would've endured my world

The woman stood on a large balcony, the French double doors opened into the bedroom that was hers alone in the large mansion that she lived in. She brought a crystal glass of the deepest red wine to her equally crimson, poisonous lips even as the corners tilted into a wicked smirk. She was dressed to kill on that night, wearing an embroidered taffeta high cut corset with a full black ballroom skirt and high heels that a woman would die for, she looked out onto the streets that ran red with blood and awaited his arrival, she knew he would come.
Well you're just as I presumed
A whore in sheep's clothing
Fucking up all I do
And if so here we stop
Then never again
Will you see this in your life

The man took off through the streets, the red trench coat he wore billowed around him as the wind caught it, he must
:iconshahal-devil:Shahal-Devil 0 2
Room 302
This was just some horrendous ongoing nightmare. Yes that was it, there was no other explanation for it besides perhaps acute insanity but even that didn't seem like it could explain all of it.
Devi sat, curled in the corner, her spiky green haired head held in her slender hands as she tried to put her thoughts in order, nothing was making sense anymore; she lit a cigarette whilst looking around her darkened room, no matter how much light poured into her apartment numbered 302 it seemed to have a certain darkness to it. She pushed herself up and off the wall and exited the master bedroom, well actually it was the only bedroom and as she stepped out of it she stood in the small little corridor facing the bathroom door but took the left turn into her living room, wandering around her prison, her apartment. Her eyes tried to avoid the front door for laying her sapphire eyes upon it would fill her with fear, pure all consuming fear.
It had all started about a week ago, with those dreams, n
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Anarchy and Pirates by Shahal-Devil Anarchy and Pirates :iconshahal-devil:Shahal-Devil 1 0 The UA Vixens by Shahal-Devil The UA Vixens :iconshahal-devil:Shahal-Devil 1 2 Trinity by Shahal-Devil Trinity :iconshahal-devil:Shahal-Devil 1 1 Ode to the Boots by Shahal-Devil Ode to the Boots :iconshahal-devil:Shahal-Devil 2 0 Sexxxy Devi by Shahal-Devil Sexxxy Devi :iconshahal-devil:Shahal-Devil 1 0 Tophat by Shahal-Devil Tophat :iconshahal-devil:Shahal-Devil 1 1 Ill Nino Concert by Shahal-Devil Ill Nino Concert :iconshahal-devil:Shahal-Devil 0 0 The 40 Oz Casualty by Shahal-Devil The 40 Oz Casualty :iconshahal-devil:Shahal-Devil 2 2 Devi by Shahal-Devil Devi :iconshahal-devil:Shahal-Devil 8 6


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The music lent itself to the systematic destruction of each and every feeling I had left, all the nerve endings on fire shooting off responses of pleasure and pain so fast that my mind couldn't process them all fast enough an eventually it all bled together like cheap water colors. A breath in my ear, couldn't hear anything though I was sure someone had said something to me and I turned to look, see who it was at my right hand when it felt like the world had been pulled out from under me, like being on a roller coaster ride there was a certain weightlessness, the feeling of my stomach drop. A kiss so feather light it might not have been real from unseen lips and everything hit like a ton of bricks as the ground came up to meet me. Bones rattled, head spun, and there was nothing left but the screech of a guitar.
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